My inspiration

When I was young my grandmother taught me the essencial of crochet, however, when I turned this into my hobby there was a lot of things that I didn’t know. Like make my patterns from scratch, what were the crochet stitches or how to combine them. In order to help me, this were the blogs that helped me to understand this art and is where I search inspiration for my projects.

1_Daisy Farm Crafts

This blog is made by Tiffany and her daughters, it has a lot of blanket patterns, especially baby blankets, and some cloths. It was a great help for me because it has many free patterns and, principally, videos from different stitches. There’s a whole category dedicated to stitches were we can find the ones that we like the most.

2_TL Yarn Crafts

Toni is another American blogger that I follow with attention. She has many fun and colorful patterns and is a specialist on Tunisian Crochet. Her website is good to learn tips and new yarns brands, she has a lot of partnerships.


For simple and minimalist design fans this is the perfect website! Here you can find some easy patterns and small e-learning courses. The platform also provides tools for those that want to make this life a job.

4_Coco Crochet Lee

When I want something fun and different, I know I will find it in Lee’s website. She has original and irreverent designs, full of color and joy. Be sides the website, I advise you to follow her in Instagram, her Reels are the best!

5_Little Red Knits

Regarding to modern and easy-to-make clothes I only want to see the Little Red Knits. Unfortunately the majority of her patterns are for knitting, but she really is an inspiration.

Those are my main inspirations, at least is were I found myself most of the time admiring and learning.

Did you already known some of this websites? What are your inspirations? I’m waiting for you tell me everything 💛